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Group of teachers, alumni parents, and alumni smiling at gala

Oneness-Family School is truly a global family, with alumni students and families spread throughout the world. Through school festivals, reunions, and community service, we stay connected. To keep in touch with the school and learn about upcoming alumni events, please fill out the contact form below.

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    What Oneness Meant To Me

    Headshot of a beaded man smiling and wearing glasses

    Before coming to Oneness I was in an environment where we had to sit at desks and the teachers would come around criticizing our work. She would remark, “It’s too dark.” “It's too small and your spelling is wrong.” 

    Headshot of a beaded man smiling and wearing glasses

    During my time at Oneness, I have learned how to be a successful student, the importance of connection, and to be willing to push myself out of my comfort zone. I have also learned that I am brave enough to speak up when needed.

    Smiling woman looking up at flower art installation

    I think the biggest lesson I took from Oneness-Family School is the importance of remaining grounded.