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Oneness-Family School: A Montessori Private School
Igniting the spark in a new generation of courageous and capable leaders through a student-centered community of diversity, academic excellence, and innovation in the Montessori tradition.

OFS Curriculum Design and Outcomes ™

A Montessori Private School For a New Generation

Our vision is a new generation of young leaders equipped, empowered, and energized to reach their full potential and contribute to a better world.

For 30 years Oneness-Family School (OFS) has served families who value student-centered learning and personal growth alongside a rigorous curriculum. We’re the Washington, DC area’s only innovative and diverse learning community nurturing academic excellence in the Montessori tradition for early childhood through high school.

Oneness-Family School Curriculum Design and Outcomes

At Oneness-Family School we believe that the approach to the education of a child should not only focus on academic skills, but must also include the development of emotional awareness and inner strength. This approach centers on what we refer to as the Oneness-Family Wheel™ of education. The Wheel represents the idea that education is not a linear path but an interconnected and individual journey, and represents our approach to education using the Montessori Method. The Oneness-Family Wheel can be broken down into three crucial facets of education: Academy, Self-Discovery, and Manifestation.

Academy: The Academy facet of our curriculum focuses on the development of a deep understanding of the world and the interrelationships between all living and non-living things.

At Oneness-Family School, the academic program encompasses math, language, science, history, geography, and practical life skills. All of these subjects are taught in an integrated thematic way so that students learn how to make connections between subjects and think holistically. As Maria Montessori says in her book To Educate the Human Potential, "Let us give the child a vision of the whole universe... For all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity."

In the Academy component of our curriculum, students develop skills such as goal setting, cultural awareness, idea synthesis, organization skills, and critical thinking. We challenge students to "think big" and support this by encouraging them to keep a global perspective and an awareness of how every action has an impact. As a result, our students not only gain the skills they need to be successful in the world, but build the self–awareness and sense of purpose necessary to change the world for the better.

Self-Discovery: The Self-Discovery facet of the curriculum fosters our students’ interpersonal knowledge and awareness of their own place in the world.

Self-Discovery encompasses personal reflection, conflict resolution, communication, creative arts, and physical fitness. While the external world is explored in the Academy facet of our curriculum, the focus of Self Discovery is for the students to explore the world within themselves. We help students gain a deeper awareness of their "inner world", especially in regard to their feelings, ideas, inspirations, and goals.

Through the Self-Discovery component of our curriculum, students learn skills related to personal reflection, conflict resolution, communication, creative expression, and physical fitness. Maria Montessori said, "Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child to open up himself to life." Our school environment nurtures personal reflection and each child's individuality while encouraging students to respect the individuality of others. By learning to know themselves, to respect each other, to solve problems, to speak their truth, and to care for their community, students lay their own foundations toward well-being.

Manifestation: The Manifestation facet of the curriculum provides opportunities for students to utilize their knowledge and share their talents with the wider community.

Manifestation is the culmination of Academy and Self-Discovery. Our Manifestation curriculum is comprised of festivals and events, student government, community service, internships, and external discovery through field trips and excursions. In Manifestation, students focus on sharing their gifts with the world in meaningful ways—and in the process see that they really can make a difference in the world.

Students learn skills related to self-advocacy, green thinking, personal values, confidence, and citizenship & diplomacy. Maria Montessori encapsulated the positive impact of empowering students to realize and share their gifts, saying, "Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world." The Manifestation facet of the curriculum provides our students with a wide array of opportunities to express their creativity, utilize their innovation, share their insights, and explore their interests. Manifestation is what ultimately makes learning meaningful at Oneness-Family School.

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The Oneness-Family School Creed

We equip and empower every student to cultivate their own highest potential, uniquely preparing them to succeed and lead in a changing, challenging world. Our inclusive community and cutting-edge curriculum build a foundation for college and life.

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If you are interested in the private school admissions process or want to get involved with our community, please give us a call. We offer school tours for parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 am.

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From Andrew Kutt, Founder and Head of School

The Coronavirus is a Stark Reminder We Are One Global Family

What a difference a month makes. The whole world is reacting to a pandemic of a previously unknown virus. It’s an emergency on a global scale, dominating every news cycle.

Education Needs a Radical Change

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