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Special Events

Two students speaking into microphone in front of flag ceremony

To flourish, a community needs to celebrate all that is wonderful in the world and life. Each member of the community is integral to this celebration.All students at Oneness-Family School participate in multiple festivals throughout the year, which celebrate various parts of life, culture, and history. Family and friends are invited to be a part of the community and join in the celebrations. Teachers incorporate music, costumes, art, and dance inspired and often led by the students to create unique events throughout the year.

United Nations Day

One of the largest United Nations Day celebrations in the DC area, students are joined by numerous ambassadors and diplomats from embassies reaching every geographic region of the globe. The diplomats carry their national flag in the annual Procession of Nations. 

Every year close to 95 embassies participate in the United Nations Day program at the school to support the initiative and to interact with the students who present a cultural program for the guests. Diplomats also visit the classrooms to view the displays of the countries the students are studying and enjoy an international luncheon prepared by parents who come from some 50 different nations.

Five students singing on stage in front of microphone

Apple Fest

Throughout the month of September, families help raise funds for the Oneness Fund by selling bags of freshly-picked Empire apples from Vermont to friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. This fundraiser culminates in our beloved fall fair – Apple Fest! 

With games, moon bounces, crafts, face painting, baked treats, cider, a dunk tank and so much more, Apple Fest is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the school community at the beginning of the year.

Festival of Lights

Each year at Oneness-Family School, students prepare a special presentation to honor the light and essence of spiritual paths throughout the ages. The elementary classes schedule field trips to churches, synagogues, temples, and other sacred places during November and December, while the Children’s Peace Garden (preschool-kindergarten) studies the culture and traditions of a different group of countries each year.

These studies culminate in student presentations at our annual winter celebration called the “Festival of Lights." Each year the program is different and focuses on midwinter traditions worldwide.

Primary program students sing on stage for Festival of Lights

Family Dance

The Family Dance is an evening event that is unique to Oneness. It is a fun and exhilarating event for all students (age 2 through 12th grade), parents, faculty and staff, where we put on our dancing shoes and dance to DJ-spun tunes!

Each Family Dance has a theme (past themes include Under the SeaOne Love, and 70's Night) and all are invited to dress up! Pizza, snacks and drinks are included, and there is even a photo booth to commemorate the occasion. This casual event is a great way to meet students and parents across grade levels and enjoy a night of family-friendly fun!

Families dancing at school dance, surrounded by paper fish!
Student presents science fair project from board

Science Fair

As a manifestation of the scientific knowledge learned by the students, the students are engaged in Science Fair projects in the spring. Typically, there is experimental work done by the students each night for two weeks. Projects increase in rigor and scale with grade level.  

Upon completing the procedures of their experiments, the students prepare for the visual and verbal presentations of their work both in class and at the school-wide Science Fair in early spring. This is a chance for students to practice their presentation skills and demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method.

Spring Auction

Our Online Auction traditionally takes place in the spring and is used primarily to bridge the gap between our Oneness Fund goals and the funds raised by our Direct Giving Campaign. Beginning in the fall, volunteers are needed to solicit donations from local businesses and organizations and to help plan our spring Auction Party. Past donations have included cooking classes, vacation stays, sports tickets, spa packages, and rounds of golf! 

Adults socializing in front of table laden with food
Students dressed as Australian animals act in a play

Spring Spectacular

This spring performance is a showcase for our 3-6-year-old Children’s Peace Garden students to share what they have learned through their cultural studies. Students in both classrooms perform a special song, dance and skit in honor of the Spring Spectacular.  

After the morning performance, the students host their parents and siblings at Norwood Park for lunch and serve a special snack related to their cultural studies of the year.

Graduation & Art Show

On our last day of school we celebrate our 12th & 8th Grade Graduates, as well as all students moving up to the next classroom, with an all-school Graduation & Promotion Ceremony. This ceremony features student and teacher speeches and a musical performance to celebrate the significant achievements of our students. After the ceremony, all are invited to socialize, snack, and enjoy the culmination of student artwork at our Art Show before kicking off summer vacation!

Students in all grades posing together for a photo