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Who We Are

Oneness-Family School is a non-profit Montessori school serving students from preschool through high school in Chevy Chase, MD. 

Our Lower School (Age 2—Grade 8) is located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, blocks away from the Bethesda Metro station. Our High School is located in Kensington, Maryland on Connecticut Avenue, situated on a wooded campus on several bus lines.

Vision & Mission

Two students presenting on microphone in front of flag ceremony

Our Vision

Our vision is a new generation of young leaders equipped, empowered, and energized to reach their full potential and contribute to a better world.

Upper Elementary students drawing in art class

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite the spark in a new generation of courageous and capable leaders through a student-centered community of diversity, academic excellence, and innovation in the Montessori tradition.

Our School History

Andrew Kutt playing guitar besides a preschool student
1988 – Humble Beginning, Global Citizenship

After teaching at Barrie Montessori School under the mentorship of renowned Montessori leader Tim Seldin, Andrew Kutt founds the Oneness-Family School in a library of a public school with only ten students. Andrew used his background in humanities and interest in world cultures to create a school built upon Maria Montessori’s philosophy that the center of the educational process should be the student. 

Image of Oneness-Family School academic %22wheel%22
1988 - The “Wheel”

The original concepts shown in the OFS Curriculum Wheel were born in the spring and summer of 1988. The core curriculum elements of the school are designed to include an "inner," as well as an "outer" component, Self-Discovery & Academy, as well as a third core curriculum element to convey what happens when students step out and share their gifts with the world, called Manifestation. These three names have endured to this day, even as the curriculum is developed into greater and greater levels of detail. 

Two middle school students presenting on microphone in front of flag ceremony
1988 - United Nations Day

The year 1988 also marks the school’s first United Nations Day observance, an annual event designed to make students aware of the wide world around them. The celebration began with just a handful of guests but has since grown into the largest event of its kind in the Washington, DC, area with more than 120 embassy officials attending every year. 

Lower school campus, brick building, white fence
1989 – New Chevy Chase Campus

Move to Chevy Chase School Facility Oneness-Family School moves into St. John’s Episcopal Church in Chevy Chase, MD, occupying three floors of the church’s former school space. 

Middle school students holding up posters representative of different faiths
1989 - Study of World Religions

During this period, classes began the OFS tradition of visiting differ­ent houses of worship as part of a study of world cultures, some­thing alumni students still talk about to this day.

Middle school students seated on bleachers and working on laptops
1996 – Expansion to Middle School

Oneness-Family School expands through Grade 8, adopting the Montessori Middle School curriculum developed by Dr. Elizabeth Coe. This important growth step allows current and future generations of students to derive the fullest benefit from the Oneness-Family School experience: gaining the aptitudes and attitudes the school teaches during the most formative years of their character development. 

International Montessori Council logo
1998 – International Montessori Council

Andrew Kutt becomes one of the founding board members of the International Montessori Council, dedicated to supporting Montessori schools worldwide.

Muhammad Ali speaking surrounded by students
2003 to 2013 – Community Recognition:

Honoring leaders who make the world a better place is an important practice at Oneness-Family School. As a result, notable figures from different walks of life come to the school to show their respect and common cause, including athlete and humanitarian Muhammad Ali in 2003; musician and peace advocate Graham Nash in 2007; Congressman Tim Ryan in 2013; and numerous others, including social scientist Riane Eisler, Raising Happiness author Christine Carter, musician Wyclef Jean, and multiple Guinness World Record holder Ashrita Furman. 

Rep. Elijah Cummings on stage surrounded by students
World Oneness Heart Award

Oneness-Family School students created the World Oneness Heart Award, which they give to each honoree. 

Alumni students and teachers hugging at guest reception
2013 - Celebrating 25 Years

Oneness-Family School celebrates 25 years of child-centered learning with a global perspective during three days of special events. Guests include Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) who received the World Oneness Heart Award from Andrew Kutt for his work to promote mindfulness in schools, healthcare, and the military. Alumni students and parents gather from around the nation and the world during the various festivities. 

Two preschool students working on Montessori math materials
2016 - OFS Voted "Best Montessori School”

OFS is voted Best Montessori School in the DC region by Family Magazine; and goes on to receive that distinction for the next five years. 

Two high school students working on project on laptop in classroom
2017 - Oneness-Family High School Launched

Oneness-Family School launches its high school in Kensington, Maryland, leasing space from Grace Episcopal Day School, and becoming the first Montessori high school in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

School community seated and watching presentation
2018 - Celebrating 30 Years as a Community

Oneness-Family School celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a gala attended by 300 parents, teachers, alumni, and friends from all around the world.