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Oneness-Family School is proof that one person who follows his heart can make a significant difference. Living this ideal is possible for all students who enter our doors where they benefit from the holistic support provided by our Montessori curriculum and mindfulness-based approach to education. Together with my faculty and staff, we foster each child’s unique development during the key formational period of life—from Preschool to High School.

An international community of shared values, we support individual academic success; teach how to create peace from differences; and foster emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. We prepare students to meet life's challenges with self-knowledge, mindful resilience, and the ability to choose the path that brings happiness to themselves and others. Our students learn about the world from their own place in it, engaging their thinking skills early on to understand how academic subjects connect and inform each other and their own journey to wholeness.

Oneness-Family students grow confident in their own voices and passionate about new perspectives and knowledge. They step into the global society of the 21st century equipped to make a unique contribution to the world.

Welcome to this community of learners.


Andrew Kutt, School Founder

Andrew Kutt

Andrew Kutt

Founder & Chairman

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