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High School

OFHS students are creative thinkers, community builders, and collaborators. Through learning by doing, engaging with the community around them, and following their academic interests, our students are poised to become highly skilled in areas necessary to thrive in the complex 21st century – adaptive problem-solving, communications, and holistic leadership.

The OFHS Montessori college-prep curriculum fosters self-motivation and a love of learning with student-led experiential learning, small class sizes, quality relationships with teachers, and a flexible network of student support that builds a strong social and emotional foundation for academic success.

Student Programs

The “highly skilled’ individuals we need are more likely to emerge from schools that allow them to learn by doing - by engaging with the community around them and following their interests - than from schools that complete them to follow a preset curriculum. 

Ulcca Joshi Hansen, "The Future of Smart"