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High School

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Founded in 2016, Oneness-Family Montessori High School empowers students to become leaders in an ever-changing world, helping them develop the skills and practical experience necessary to address complex, 21st century problems with their own unique talents and gifts.

High School students at Oneness-Family School explore topics that spark their interest and imagination, build positive relationships with supportive instructors and mentors, meet and collaborate with like-minded peers, and learn to become the driver of their own learning process. Through our emphasis on the Montessori tradition, experiential learning, small classes, community-focused internships, and a groundbreaking Leadership program that empowers students to address complex 21st-century problems, OFHS embraces a paradigm for high school education that integrates learning across disciplines and fosters a deep interest within each student to become a stakeholder in our global future.

We take a holistic approach to education, understanding each student not just academically, but as a "whole person" whose social, emotional, and character development is a necessary part of their life path.Our student-led, experiential approach to high school curriculum takes the best of what we've learned from our Montessori program for elementary and middle-school students and applies it to modern high school needs. The high school curriculum moves away from standardization and toward individual learning; away from testing rote memorization and toward utilizing diverse resources available to students both locally and online.

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Montessori Learning for High School

Student-led, experiential learning is a cornerstone of our innovative, interdisciplinary high school curriculum. Students explore topics that spark their interest and imagination, build positive relationships with supportive instructors and mentors, meet and collaborate with like-minded peers, and learn to become the drivers of their own learning process.

Our students explore new concepts by developing both individual and collaborative group projects tied to curriculum themes and to their areas of interest. They create, research, collaborate, seek the resources they need, and present to an audience – an invaluable process through which deep learning occurs and new skills emerge. 

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Changemaker Leadership Program

Developed by a team of nationally recognized leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, our Changemaker Leadership Program teaches students the skills to understand, discuss, and begin addressing the complex problems of our modern world. The program culminates in a Capstone project where students design and deliver a meaningful service project in the surrounding community.

High school students smiling in front of Gallaudet University

Urban Out

The student-designed Urban Out program allows students to collaborate on an independent day of adventure and learning in the DC area. Urban Out empowers students to sharpen their problem-solving skills and explore practical skills like map-making and photojournalism, learn how to work as part of a team, and master public transportation.


High school student sorting lettuce heads in horticulture farm

Internships & Community Service

Students participate in internships and community service with a wide variety of organizations across the DC-area who partner with our high school to provide enriching real-world experience. These experiences are chosen by the students themselves.

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Field Studies

Students enrich and expand their learning outside the classroom, taking advantage of the Washington, DC area’s abundant opportunities to visit partner organizations, businesses, nonprofits, centers of arts and scholarship, and government agencies.

High School Calendar

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Meet Our Faculty

Andrew Kutt

Andrew Kutt

Founder, Head of High School
Alex Koch

Alex Koch

History & Social Studies Teacher
Amber Bhatti

Amber Bhatti

English & Literature Teacher
Blake Hocker

Blake Hocker

Math & Science Teacher
Jen Cort

Jen Cort

College Counselor
Maria Landro

Maria Landro

Spanish Teacher