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A Day at OFHS

Arrival & Morning Meeting

Doors open at 8:30 AM. Students have a chance to socialize in the classrooms, on the benches along the hallway or at the picnic tables and the chairs in our front garden sanctuary space under the trees.

Morning meeting begins at 9:00 AM. when students gather around our huge Harkness Table.  Students lead all aspects of the morning meeting, including the ringing of the singing bowl, our minute of silent reflection, the inspiring poem or quote, morning stretches, the sharing of acknowledgments, and concluding with announcements.  The morning meeting focalizes the community in a positive way and sets the tone for a successful day. 


On Thursday mornings, instead of morning meetings, students have an Advisory, where they meet in groups by grade with their two academic advisors. During this time, students discuss themes relevant to their life at school, including concerns that emerge over time.

Block Schedule

On a typical academic day, students have academic classes according to our block schedule. Class times range from 90-minutes to two hours, and include a class lesson followed by study and independent work time for students to work on follow-up assignments. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students have World Language classes, as well as Art and Music classes, before rounding out the day with an academic class.  

Community Period & Community Meeting

Every other Monday, students have a Community Meeting, where the student government leads discussions with the support of school staff.  Topics include planning for school activities such as the Fall Fair or Spring Trip, student fundraising projects, potlucks, and more. 


Everyone has lunch at the same time, and students may use this 45-break to relax and socialize in the classrooms, outside at the picnic tables in the sanctuary garden, and on the grounds. Students may also use this time to dive back into their favorite novel, work on an art project, or get some exercise outside.

End of the Day & Dismissal

When the academic day comes to a close at 4:00 pm, students are responsible for restoring the classroom environment, giving them a sense of ownership around maintaining the beauty of their learning environment. Dismissal runs from 4:00 to 4:30 pm. On certain days of the week, students may stay later to participate in clubs or for tutoring and extra academic support. On Fridays, for the last block of the day students have P.E. until 4:30 pm, and dismissal runs from 4:30 - 5:00 pm. P.E. activities are determined by student interest each cycle and have included rock climbing at a local climbing gym, strength-training and cardio at the YMCA, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and basketball.



High school student sorting lettuce heads in horticulture farm
High School students hiking downhill surrounded by trees
High school students smiling in front of Gallaudet University
Four students facing away, seated and watching the sunrise

Sample Block Schedule

Throughout my time at Oneness-Family School, I made many unforgettable memories, from the spring trip to camping to the community services, to all of our everyday conversations. I have made memories that will last a lifetime and hold very close to my heart.

Allie Bluestein, '23