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United Nations Day

One of the largest United Nations Day celebrations in the DC area, each year Oneness-Family School students are joined by numerous ambassadors and diplomats from embassies reaching every geographic region of the globe. 

Every year around 95 embassies participate in the United Nations Day program at the school to support the initiative and to meet the students who present a cultural program for the guests. Diplomats also visit the classrooms to view the displays of the countries the students are studying and enjoy an international luncheon prepared by parents who come from over 50 different nations.

Flag Ceremony

Ambassadors and embassy guests are invited to carry their national flag in the annual Procession of Nations. Families are invited to wave smaller flags as their countries and tribal nations are called.

Student Performances

Each class gives a musical performance which ties into their geographical studies, or into the United Nations ideals of peace, justice, hope, unity, and human rights. 

Country Presentations

After the program, Elementary school students give presentations on their countries of study. Parents and embassy guests are invited to tour the classrooms and ask questions.