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Social & Emotional Intelligence

Very young children bring imagination, joy, and play to the most basic tasks of caring and responsibility. At Oneness, these positive qualities grow to become long-term character traits of social and emotional intelligence. Caring for their classrooms, putting work away when finished, cleaning up after themselves, and respecting the workspace of others are gently and steadily taught from the outset. These young students learn to name their feelings and use words to solve problems. They also learn how to listen to the feelings of others.

During Preschool and Kindergarten, children adapt from the simple and cozy social setting of home to the more complex world of a classroom. The foundations of feeling empathy, speaking one’s truth, and understanding a variety of perspectives are built at these age levels.  These are the very skills OFS students will apply later as they mature and seek creative solutions to the challenges of the wider world.

Little Stars (age 2-3) and Children's Peace Garden students (ages 3-6) help keep our playground tidy and care for the school’s garden spaces. CPG students make presentations at our Earth Day celebration and create exhibits for our annual Science Fair, reinforcing their concept learning about the web of life.