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From the "silent moment" to community performances, activities foster inner happiness and creative expression in our Preschool-K students. Little Stars (ages 2-3) and Children's Peace Garden (CPG) students (ages 3-6) begin each day with a few moments of silent reflection, feeling peaceful and starting to develop the concentration so important for academic learning.  Songs about community and stories of sharing and positive communication cultivate the children's recognition of their own boundaries and those of other beings. Each classroom has a Peace Corner where a child can find quiet

All are encouraged to express their unique personalities through art, music, and movement. Learning about the beauty and magic of the world they live in raises the sense of awe Maria Montessori knew was vital for students to become stewards of the planet. CPG students learn to practice gratitude by expressing thanks for the simple things in their lives and the help of others in the classroom. They perform at the school’s United Nations Day ceremony and the Festival of Lights and host their parents for a very special Spring Tea.  Little Stars students perform for their parents at Family Day each spring.