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Guided Learning Process

From the first day, teachers nourish strong personal relationships with the students to become familiar with each one's natural strengths, unique interests, and areas of development. These personal qualities inform how the teacher guides the learning process for each child in our Preschool and Kindergarten program. 

The teacher regularly observes and documents each child’s progress and provides additional lessons or more time to master a skill or concept, matching the personal rate of development. One by one, when ready, students demonstrate mastery of a skill or concept by showing the teachers they know how to do it.  They then can move on to a new activity but with the option of returning to the familiar ones already mastered for confidence or comfort along the way.

Regular contact between teachers and parents maintains the personalized and nurturing growth experience for each student. Three times a year, teachers write in-depth progress reports on each child, which are followed up with parent-teacher conferences.