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Community Engagement

Treasured, protected, and included, our youngest students participate in the wider community life of the school in ways that nurture a sense of belonging and are appropriate to age and activity levels. The children can offer creative expression to a receptive and caring audience and witness their place in a continuum of childhood lived out in the school experience.

The 2- to 3-year-old Little Stars gather with the whole school on important occasions to perform a simple offering of song and then return to the familiarity of their classroom for further celebration and rest. Our Buddies program brings upper Elementary students from the fourth and fifth grades Peace Academy to read stories to the youngest students on a weekly basis, cultivating caring and connection across this age spectrum. 

The Pre-K to K students of the Children's Peace Garden join the weekly, whole school Community Meeting to celebrate birthdays, watch or perform skits or songs, and share school news. These 3- to 6-year-olds participate regularly in other school-wide observances, including United Nations Day and the Festival of Lights and exhibit their scientific curiosity in simple projects prepared for Science Fair. At the Spring Tea in CPG, students prepare and host the classroom for their most precious visitors--their parents and siblings. A tone of sweetness hangs in the air while the young ones offer treats around tables they set with flowers and handmade mats.