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The Age of the Absorbent Mind

Physician and educator Maria Montessori called this "the age of the Absorbent Mind." Colorful, age-appropriate Montessori materials encourage and inspire curiosity, imagination, and learning in the eager minds of our students ages 2 to 6. Language- and movement-rich activities nourish their rapid vocabulary development and strengthen gross muscle and coordination skills.

A growing body of research affirms Dr. Montessori's observation that the student's ability to focus, i.e., attend to the task at hand, is the foundation of all other successful learning. Our Preschool-K students are given the freedom to become absorbed for long periods of time in a single activity and to return to and repeat certain activities of choice until they have attained mastery of the skill involved. Our classrooms are designed to allow such uninterrupted work cycles so children develop strong concentration skills.