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Parent to Parent Information at Oneness-Family School

Dear Prospective Parent,

Thank you for taking the time to look more deeply into our school and its philosophy, beyond the name and urban location. As parents, we understand that education is not a "one size fits all" model and a round peg can fit into a square hole and a square peg into a round hole, depending on the proportions. It is natural to question whether a good enough fit is what you want for your child’s education and your family as a whole.

A school is an environment where our children spend 7 to 8 hours a day, learning from and interacting with educators who shape and help them develop during key formative years. These are years when our children are inquisitive and curious, willing to try and fail and test their limits. It is a time when new knowledge is absorbed and new languages can be picked up in a matter of months.

After each of us researched and visited different area schools, we eventually enrolled our children at the Oneness-Family School--for a variety of reasons but, ultimately, for the same reasons.

Oneness represents a diverse philosophy that is inclusive and presents a balanced curriculum of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development with mindfulness. It aspires to encompass the education of the whole child.

As parents with children in all different classrooms, from the 2-year-old Little Stars program to the Middle School, we appreciate the ease of communication with and access to teachers and administrative staff while we witness the academic and inner development of our children. There is a method to the Montessori learning that culminates at the Peace Ambassadors level, Middle School grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. Every year we are impressed by the graduating students’ self-awareness and self-esteem and how grounded and prepared they are for their next academic endeavor.

We acknowledge and commend the OFS administration for continually evolving and growing the school since its founding in 1988. We know the Montessori methodology of following the child and the love the students and teachers share in a small class setting has remained constant throughout the school’s history. We were touched by the nurturing atmosphere where hugs were given and received during an Open House or classroom visit. Who wouldn’t thrive and learn in this incredibly accepting and nourishing environment?

Please continue your visit and feel free to ask questions. We hope the Oneness-Family School is the right fit for your child and family, as we have found it to be for ours.

Michele, Elhi, Raman, Junga, and Lisa

Michele Lee-Barasso, Elhi Brown, Raman Chhina, Junga Kim, and Lisa Pawley
​Co-Chairs, OFS Parent Association