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Personal Growth

Being the elders of the OFS student community is a powerfully affirming experience for the Middle School Ambassadors. At the threshold where childhood ripens into adolescence, the sixth to eighth graders bond into a tight-knit community that navigates the dramatic changes of adolescence while maintaining a sense of responsibility for the student body of 140 children.

Middle School students run for and serve in elected offices of the student government and represent the school on public occasions, including at regional school fairs and during major OFS festivals open to the public. 

Each Middle School student works for and learns for the sake of the wider community. The sixth and seventh graders perform a week of community service each year, for a program they select after a period of research and discussion. The eighth grade students work at week-long internships for area institutions and businesses whose mission correlates to each student's area of interest. They participate in the Walk for Water to raise funds to build wells in the drought-stricken Azawak region of Niger and develop substantive understanding of global development issues during their study of current United Nations initiatives.

Upon graduation, each eighth grader delivers a major speech about their experiences at Oneness and aspirations for the future. To a person, these speeches contain mature insights and candid expressions on the challenges of adolescence that captivate both parents and younger students alike. The graduates embody the well-rounded maturity of a Montessori-educated teen, a vision to which their younger classmates aspire and one that affirms for parents the value of an OFS education, year after year.


Elise Van Leer Alumni Story