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Middle School Personal Growth

This component of the Middle School curriculum is intended to empower students to speak with their own, true voices and find out what they are passionate about: the key outcomes identified by Maria Montessori for early adolescence.

The daily, morning meeting is student-led and includes a short period of silent reflection, a quote of the day, acknowledgements, brain gym exercises, and an informal check-in. Students do advanced lessons in the MindUP mindfulness program, during which they learn how to manage stress, keep emotions in balance, and concentrate more effectively.

All sixth to eighth graders take a daily 30-minute period of personal reflection to draw, write, or simply sit quietly. The class does a yearlong program called the Heroic Journey, where they choose a personal challenge to overcome. They also study Steven Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.

Students in the Ambassadors class learn to think "outside the box" by exploring multiple perspectives in their literature, history, science, music, and art classes. Elective options include yoga, drumming, coding, and animation. During group work, the assignment rubrics call for the incorporation of multiple intelligences into class presentations. Including art, music, poetry, and/or drama helps students recognize and express knowledge through many forms.



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