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Middle School Global Citizens

Maria Montessori recognized the most important thing for adolescent students is to do meaningful work and feel they are making a relevant impact in the world. At OFS we call our Middle School the Peace Ambassadors because they are ready to manifest their global perspective, creative thinking, and capacity for connection with real-world projects.

OFS seventh graders do a collective community service project each year, while eighth graders choose individual internships at various locations in the area. OFS Middle School students participate in the Montessori Model United Nations program, which requires them to choose three current United Nations initiatives to research and debate. The program culminates every 3 years in a spring trip to New York to join students from across the country, present their projects, and debate on the floor of the United Nations General Assembly.

Middle School students at OFS are the official greeters for the many international dignitaries who participate in our United Nations Day Festival each year, and they dine together at the international luncheon following the ceremony. Middle School students are eligible to become elected officers of the school’s student government and they assist in classes with the younger students. They also periodically lead our all-school meeting on Friday mornings. Middle School students manage our school store during special events and conduct such annual fundraisers as movie night to raise funds for their annual trip.


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