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Middle School Curriculum

Cross-subject integration informs deeper academic studies in the Middle School and a challenging course of study in every subject is matched to the pace and ability of each student.

Mathematics features multiple levels, including a transitional course, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. Foreign language literature selections correspond to the themes covered in the social and science studies during each 2-month learning cycle. Writing assignments deepen students' creative engagement with the subject matter, and vocabulary work expands related language skills. Each student takes either Spanish or French language lessons multiple times a week.

The 3-year Science curriculum covers: biology, which concentrates on cells, animals, and humans, and how we are related to other living things; physics, which concentrates on forces, motion, energy conversions, and human interactions with non-renewable and renewable sources of energy; and chemistry, which concentrates on the composition of matter and the interactions between matter and energy.

The 3-year Social Studies and Geography curriculum includes: Africa, Asia, and Latin America from ancient times through the Middle Ages, with a focus on the impacts of isolation and invasion on culture and economics; U.S. history from the American Revolution through the Civil War, with a focus on revolutions and the causes of war; and European history from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, with a focus on the Abrahamic religious traditions' contributions, conflicts, and commonalities.

Students embark on trips that are related to the curriculum each year. Past destinations include the desert Southwest of the U.S., Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, and London.


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