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Middle School Athletics & Fitness

Physical education classes are offered a minimum of four times per week, with the knowledge of the key role fitness plays in reducing stress and regulating the moods of early adolescence.

Having gained basic athletic skills at the earlier levels, Ambassadors students engage in friendly competition through team sports while continuing to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. Team sports include volleyball, basketball, soccer, Frisbee, tennis, and other sports. 

As at the earlier levels, there continues to be an emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship and students learn to value the contributions of all team members. Ambassadors students develop strong leadership skills by being a captain of a team and bringing together the talents of all teammates as a unit. Students often spend a few minutes after class winding down and sharing some of their favorite highlights of the day, acknowledging members of both teams.

In addition to traditional sports, Ambassadors students take elective classes each Friday; options include yoga and tai chi, which develop mind-body awareness, promote personal well-being, and help support the brain for academic success.

The school offers a wide variety of after-school sports programs, including basketball, soccer, tennis, squash, and running. After-school sports programs are mixed gender but are organized according to age level.




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