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Middle School Assessment

Middle School students at OFS score in the 89th percentile on the Stanford 10 Achievement Test in both math and reading, well above the U.S. national average. The strong student-teacher relationship and our Montessori focus on the student’s being the driver of the educational process are the foundations of this success.

Sixth to eighth graders are grouped according to ability level in math and literature, regardless of grade. Teachers perform regular assessments of each student based upon class presentations, weekly assignments, and quizzes and tests. Four progress reports and three parent-teacher conferences per year review each child’s academic progress and social-emotional development.

Self-evaluation is emphasized at the Middle School Ambassador level. Students complete self-assessments after each learning cycle and undergo peer evaluations for group presentations. They also curate a portfolio of their best work every year. 

Overall, the assessment process for sixth to eighth graders reinforces central tenets of the school: to value learning; to honor each person's talents; and to contribute one's best to human society. Our goal is for every student to be challenged to her or his ability level and embrace the continual growth and learning that we call self-transcendence.

Stanford 10 Achievement Test Results Grades 4-8 (2009-2013)


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