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Learning Cycles

Montessori Middle School education ties abstract concepts together with the information learned across subjects so that students develop systematic and strategic, big-picture thinking skills.

Each year, the Ambassadors program moves through four, themed cycles on such concepts as Connections, Identity, Development, and Interdependence. Students explore each concept through literature, science, and social studies. By graduation, they have studied 12 themes at the highest level of the school’s cross-subject approach.

Students plan and organize the approximately 2 months of each learning cycle in consultation with their teachers. This process helps them establish the focused attention, time management, and other organizational skills essential to success in higher education.

Working collaboratively on group projects, they learn to lead and be accountable to the team, share responsibility, and gather input to achieve a common goal. Presentations must meet guidelines for effectiveness, accuracy, and creativity and they are evaluated by peers and graded by teachers. The communication skills built through this process are a notable characteristic of OFS graduates.

Internally motivated and encouraged to learn as much and as quickly as they desire, our eighth graders graduate at a very high level of math, science, English, and foreign language achievement. They also possess an understanding of the meaningful use of knowledge.


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