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Unique Student Potential at Oneness Family School

Unique student potential

Our ultimate goal is to develop every student’s Unique Student Potential™ or USP.

USP is the aggregate of the unique gifts and capacities within each person.  Our educational approach is designed so that students can maximize their USP, set goals for the pathways they choose and turn their dreams into realities.  Our aim is to help students accelerate their progress, laying the foundation for their own success and happiness.

The increasing complexity of our quickly changing world has made the traditional information-based education model -- where students matriculate through unrelated subject classes to master digestible bits of knowledge -- both obsolete and counterproductive.

OFMHS Students develop their USP by working toward skill sets in 3 major areas  - Personal Skills, Social Skills and Thinking Skills.  They practice these skills in class and in real-world settings with the support of teachers and mentors who are professional experts in a wide variety of fields.  Our students thrive in an environment where they are both encouraged and critiqued.   We focus on high achievement, but with low stress.

We teach students to analyze and evaluate information, to generate new ideas, and to develop projects on questions or topics they are highly interested in.  This is paired with a focus on personal reflection, collaboration and citizenship that enables students to develop interpersonal awareness and their own personal ethical code.  The ultimate goal is for them to gain the skills necessary to become effective, respected leaders in whatever fields they choose to pursue.

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