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Nov 26

Andrew interviews Seth Kahan of Visionary Leadership.  Seth will be teaching a leadership class to Oneness-Family High School students. The 13 class series will be based on the successful Visionary Leadership Academy, for executives in Washington DC.

May 11
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May 3

“Conflict resolution was one of the most important life lessons I learned at Oneness.”

May 1

"One of the most important lessons I learned from Oneness was how to foster relationships....The teachers taught us how to organize — which was incredibly important for university."  


Nov 28

"I would have loved the opportunity to carry on in an accelerated learning environment, working towards something that I’m truly passionate about."

Nov 28
"Oneness expanded my view of the world and opened up a world of possibilities....encouraged me to discover my path and not to have a cookie cutter life”.
Nov 21
"Oneness-Family School truly helped shape me as a person". 
Oct 14
 A September 2, 2016 article in IB World magazine outlines 15 traits that teachers themselves identified as being the characteristics that drive their success.   In reading through these traits I am struck with how  similar they are to the qualities Maria Montessori sought to inspire...
May 16

Tim Seldin, a respected leader in Montessori, discusses why he is excited about the Oneness-Family Montessori High School of Washington.

Mar 21
In a recent article in the Atlantic, and in his book Originals, award winning educator and bestselling author Adam Grant describes how we can raise “ original thinkers”. He says, “Too much structure, order, and discipline can constrain creativity, but so can too little.  In a...


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