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High School Curriculum

The OFHS Academic Program
At Oneness-Family High School (OFHS) of Washington we build upon the research-based methods of Maria Montessori, creatively engaging students in interdisciplinary and experiential learning, through interactive in-class lessons, field studies, student-designed projects, and internships. Students take college prep courses in Math (all levels), Earth Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, World History, US History, Spanish, French, Italian, and Art. At OFHS we teach with macro themes in mind, encouraging students to make connections across a diverse range of disciplines.

 21st Century Teaching for 21st Century Learners
Our curriculum is designed to foster adaptive, creative, empathetic, and conscious citizens. We explore topics through an inquiry-based format, facilitating big-picture viewpoints and student-led projects. We provide a supportive yet challenging environment, encouraging students to develop their passions and be proactive about the career pathway they want to follow.

Creating a Community of Well-Being
At OFHS we help students create an environment of mutual support, good health, and well-being. Our teachers take pride in building positive relationships with every student. Through yoga, fitness classes, personal reflection through “solo time”, community meetings, clubs, and social events with other small schools, we build a place that students look forward to coming to each day – and along the way we help students build essential life skills.

Art & Music
Utilizing the rich and diverse local arts community for inspiration, students can choose from arts electives they wish to pursue each semester.  Offerings include painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and graphic design. OFHS also has a band which performs original music as well as covers, and also records compositions in collaboration with Blue Room Productions in Bethesda. Arts electives may take place on or off campus, and students may earn credit for creative and performing arts activities they pursue outside of school - which have included music, voice, band, music production, theater, dance, and more.

Reinventing Athletics
Our sports and fitness program innovates based on student-led individual and health goals, as well as student interests. Fitness offerings include squash, tennis, golf, swimming, sailing, rock climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, trapeze, ultimate Frisbee, yoga, tai chi, track and cross country, and more. Students may also earn PE credit for approved fitness-based extracurricular activities.

Field Studies
Students enrich and expand their learning outside the classroom, taking advantage of the DC area’s abundant opportunities to visit partner organizations, businesses, nonprofits, centers of arts and scholarship, and government agencies. Each year, students go on a week-long trip that they help design, plan, and pay for through fundraising activities. 

Internships & Community Service
Students participate in week-long internships each year, and earn community service credit, with a wide variety of organizations across the DC area who partner with OFHS to provide enriching and real-world experience. 

Emerging Leaders, Outdoor Education and Practical Life
Beginning in the fall of 2019, OFHS will launch three new programs. Emerging Leaders will focus on community building, dialogue, ethics, and civic engagement, helping students develop their capacity to be responsible members of their community and good stewards of the planet. Our Outdoor Education program will take the students outside of the classroom and into nature to deepen their own self-awareness, their bonds as a community, and their appreciation for the environment. Practical Life will help students gain a broad range of skills – from balancing a checkbook to changing a tire on their car.

Small Classes, Low Student-Teacher Ratio
We offer a 10:1 student-teacher ratio, which accelerates performance and achievement while promoting self-awareness, life balance, and well-being. 

Evaluation & Assessment
Assessment is performance-based and includes projects, digital portfolios, and self-evaluation, as well as traditional exams. Clear benchmarks and regular feedback on student progress inform each student’s path through the high school years. We use rubrics for the development of personal habits in personal skills, social skills, and thinking skills. Assessments are translated to letter grade format for clarity and college preparation. 

College Counseling & Application Prep
We guide and support OFHS students in preparing applications for college. We offer SAT prep, study skills classes, and college counseling. 

At a Glance
Take a look at our Weekly Schedule to see how electives, athletics, and social activities integrate with academics.

Sample 2019-2020 Course Offering

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