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High School Alumni Stories

Oneness-Family Montessori School alumni students have gone on to attend the best colleges and universities in the country and across the world. Every member of our most recent graduating class from OFHS was accepted into their top choice school. They are dynamic and creative people who have taken the principles and skills gained from their Montessori experience and applied them in the real world. 

Whether they be software developers, engineers, microbiologists, or artists, our graduates are demonstrating that a Montessori education helps unlock the power of each individual’s unique potential. In addition to career success, our alumni students are engaged citizens who take leadership roles in their communities wherever they may be.

Watch alumni describe their OFS Montessori experience in the videos below.

What excites you about Oneness-Family Montessori HS of Washington?

"I would have loved the opportunity to carry on in an accelerated learning environment, working towards something that I’m truly passionate about."

Anna Houle

Anna Houle, OFMS alumni, speaks with us about her experiences at Oneness-Family Montessori School, how it affected her life, and the importance of continuing an OFMS education during the high school years.

Life Lessons I learned at Oneness-Family School

“Conflict resolution was one of the most important life lessons I learned at Oneness.”

How did OFS prepare you for university?

"One of the most important lessons I learned from Oneness was how to foster relationships....The teachers taught us how to organize — which was incredibly important for university."  

How did your experience at OFMS compare to public high school?

"Oneness encouraged independence and gave me confidence to purse my passion."

What did you gain from Oneness-Family Montessori School?

"Oneness expanded my view of the world and opened up a world of possibilities....encouraged me to discover my path and not to have a cookie cutter life”.

Tim Bouhour discusses his experience

"Oneness-Family School truly helped shape me as a person". 

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