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Personal Growth

Elementary school years span a major period of social development in children, one tended carefully by OFS teachers and staff to foster each student's unique sense of belonging in the classroom, school, and wider communities of city, nation, and the world. Students' social-emotional skills are strengthened and their perspectives enhanced during nature studies, museum and outdoor trips, and academic and arts presentations, which also help them develop self-confidence and an appreciation for the lives and talents of others.

The Peace Arbor and Peace Academy (Grades 1-5) participate in the Friday all-school community meeting and the special birthday ceremony for all ages that occurs each month at the meeting. First grade marks the beginning of each student's full participation in the annual Science Fair where students up through Middle School choose and conduct an age-appropriate experiment and present the findings to student and adult audiences.

Field trips enhance current classroom studies and familiarize students with public centers of knowledge and their roles in the civic life of society. Music, art, and drama connect to study topics, and students prepare artistic works to present on United Nations Day and at the Festival of Lights. Camping trips and outdoor adventure programs deepen bonds of trust among students and teachers and cultivate experiences of personal growth for everyone.


Elise Van Leer Alumni Story