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Elementary School Global Citizens

Knowledge, understanding, and action are foundations of global citizenship and our life as an international peace academy.

The Grades 1-3 curriculum focuses on a different country each year, enabling the students to learn widely about its people, history, geography, flora and fauna, and gifts and challenges as a whole. The Grades 4-5 curriculum concentrates on the history of humanity and ancient civilizations, giving students perspective on human behavior and progress toward global understanding. Together, these years of study build a basic understanding of different societies' contributions to the world and instill a sense of connection between the students and the places they study, highlighted by the diverse international representation within the OFS student body.

Governance is an important dimension of citizenship represented by the OFS Student Government. Third grade students qualify to join the Student Government and fourth and fifth graders are eligible to become officers. They help shape the participatory life of the school, suggesting ways to create a stronger community through celebrations and acting on shared concerns.

Students look after the life of the classroom and learn to act on their care for the school, their community, and the world. Daily “jobs” include caring for class pets and keeping the classroom materials clean and organized. They participate in community service projects to help victims of natural disasters, support local homeless shelters, and raise funds to build wells in the drought-stricken Azawak region of Niger, among other projects.

Peace Arbor students learn about the United Nations and world religions as part of their 3-year curriculum. They visit embassies and diverse places of worship in conjunction with these studies. In the Peace Academy, students learn about non-governmental organizations that work to effect positive change in the world and the challenges of climate change, poverty, and pollution. These areas of the Elementary curriculum build the global awareness that is one of the school’s key objectives.


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