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Elementary School Curriculum

Grades 1-3 Arbor students are ready for complex subject matter and learn about the evolution of life on Earth and the animal and plant kingdoms. For reading, writing, spelling, math, and foreign languages, the students are grouped according to ability level. For science, geography, and history, all students receive the same lessons on a 3-year cycle of themes, with their assignments adjusted for ability level. Arbor students begin to develop internal organizational skills by making daily work plans in consultation with teachers. It includes lessons they need to attend, independent assignments, and special projects chosen for personal academic interest.

Building on this foundation, Academy students in Grades 4 and 5 study and contemplate the origins of the universe, early human history and beliefs, and basic scientific principles governing life on Earth. In math, literature, spelling-vocabulary, writing, and foreign languages, students are grouped according to skill level, with no limit to how fast they can progress. History, geography, and science themes at the Academy level include ancient civilizations, matter and molecules, electromagnetism, the characteristics of sound and light, and human body systems. Wherever possible, students are encouraged to pursue a topic of personal interest as it relates to the overall curriculum theme.


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