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Elementary School Athletics & Fitness

The goals of wellness, physical conditioning, and sportsmanship lead our Elementary school students to experience the full range of benefits that fitness and athletics bring to life. Our program includes weekly yoga, basic team sports, and creative movement.

At the Grades 1-3 Peace Arbor level, sports are introduced with a special emphasis on developing strength, flexibility, and coordination. Students learn the basic skills of kickball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and other sports.

In the fourth and fifth grade Peace Academy, students play competitively on floating assignment, mixed-gender teams, developing leadership and strategy skills that utilize the talents of all teammates as a unit. They use the social-emotional skills learned in the Self-Discovery aspect of the school's curriculum to practice good sportsmanship in victory and defeat.

Our Elementary school students discover the joys and stresses of competition within the framework of everyone’s doing their best. They develop mind-body awareness and personal well-being through yoga and movement classes.

After-school sports programs include basketball, soccer, tennis, squash, and running, offered in mixed gender groups according to age level.


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