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Why Choose Oneness-Family Montessori School?

Why Choose Oneness-Family School

Oneness-Family School provides the distinctive, cross-curricular advantages of Montessori schooling during the most critical years of a child's development--from preschool to high school. At OFS, children learn about the world by understanding their part in it all. Toddlers orbit a toy globe around a candle-sun to understand how the Earth travels over a year. Eighth-graders build consensus to solve global development problems at the Montessori school's Model United Nations summit in New York. Robust creative and critical thinking focused and sustained attention, self-motivation, with keen social and emotional intelligence are among the lifelong benefits of attending a Montessori school.

Life After Attending a Montessori School

Graduates excel academically and socially in the years after attending our Montessori school, at competitive schools and universities in the U.S. and around the world. Oneness-Family offers the only Montessori Middle and High School program in the Washington, DC area. We support young teens to hone their cognitive skills in preparation for college while sustaining their emotional well-being during the development of their core social identity. Our teachers assist students with the college preparation process, allowing them to confidently take the next step forward toward college and life beyond.

For over 100 years, the Montessori approach has been widely respected in the educational community. Notable Montessori alumni such as Julia Childs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, George Clooney, and Sean Combs have cited Montessori education as a key factor in their life success.

Benefits of Choosing a Montessori School

The Montessori school learning experience is proficiency-based so each child will master individual subjects at his or her own pace while meeting or, in most cases, exceeding grade levels. Low student-teacher ratio, individual and small-group instruction, and a collaborative approach in multi-age classrooms support flexibility within structure. The Montessori curriculum features strong academics, foreign languages, the arts, physical fitness, cultural studies, conflict resolution, and mindfulness through progressive student-centric learning devices. Below are some examples of how your child can benefit from attending the Oneness-Family Montessori School. No matter their grade level we strive to help each student discover the world and themselves.

Preschool-K/Ages 2-6

Safe, comfortable classrooms with the full range of Montessori school learning materials support young children's curiosity, discovery, and deep absorption in educational activities. Celebrations of friendship, kindness, and respect nurture their understanding of what it means to care for one another.

Elementary School/Grades 1-5

Montessori school students master increasingly advanced academics while gaining confidence and skill in written, verbal, and artistic self-expression with the personalized support of teachers. They build independence and responsibility by tracking academic effort and progress through Daily Work Plans and checklists. Conflict resolution and mindfulness practices grow their social and emotional skills.

Middle School/Grades 6-8

Students hone their critical and analytical thinking skills in independent research projects. Our Montessori school also helps them strengthen communication skills using collaboration, creativity, and presentations in group work. Leading meetings, performing community service and internships, and representing the school on public occasions connect them to their maturing roles in society and the meaningful impact of engagement and leadership.

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