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The Haesler-Frey Family

Our two oldest children Valeria and Lucian spent four years at Oneness-Family School. When we arrived in the US, they did not speak a word of English and also never lived abroad. Oneness-Family School was our support network from the very first day of school. It welcomed our children in a nurturing environment where each child was treated as a valuable part of the school, whose unique quality was the pursuit of the celebration of different backgrounds, cultures, and personalities.

Our children thrived academically and got supported in their specific interests every day. Valeria was able to write her first stories and poems and Lucian could follow his passion for animals. Our youngest daughter was born while we lived in the United States. Even though she was technically never a student, she was still considered to be a Oneness Baby and was part of the community.

The school culture developed invaluable skills such as self-awareness, listening, understanding, and supporting each other. Oneness went beyond and was also our family abroad. It provided us parents with a space where we could meet, share, experience, have fun and, ultimately, make friends for life. We had to leave the US and therefore also Oneness-Family School after four years but we are still a part of the Oneness Family even now. And for that we are forever grateful.