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OFS Middle School Teachers Featured in Washington FAMILY Magazine

Our fabulous middle school teachers, Hannah and Pearl, are featured in this month's issue of Washington FAMILY magazine!

Below is a preview of the "Celebrating Outstanding Teachers" article. To read the full article, click here.

What do you love most about teaching?

Pearl Brown: I love the positive impact that I have on each of my students. I love getting to know what they like and don’t like and what makes them laugh. The most rewarding part of teaching is guiding students to honor, respect and love themselves—to say yes to their strengths and welcome the lessons learned from their weaknesses.

Hannah Chick: I love teaching in a multi-age classroom because I cherish the relationships I develop with students over my three years with them. Especially in middle school, so much change and growth happens over three years. I get to be a part of their journey of growing and discovering themselves. It’s incredibly rewarding to help students stretch beyond their comfort zone academically, socially and personally and to see the sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence they exude when they surpass their expectations of their abilities.