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Néa Ranganathan

Even though it has been more than seven years since I attended Oneness, I have maintained a lifelong relationship with teachers, administrators, current and former students. I have had the ability to participate in festivals, open houses, and extracurriculars at Oneness, which has made me feel closer to the community.

One of the most life-changing experiences was working on the musical 'The Aristocats' for the musical program. I have been doing theater all my life and when I was asked to help direct the musical, I did not hesitate to start brainstorming ideas. At Oneness, I was one of the most enthusiastic theater kids; ready to do any performance, from Bard Night to singing with Andrew. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to continue that trend. I have been able to connect with many young students and introduce them to the wonderful world of theater.