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High School Mentors

Oneness-Family High School of Washington (OFHS) invites experts in their fields to join our Circle of Mentors. We seek leaders who wish to serve as professional role models, trusted friends, and career advisors to our high school students. 

How It Works

The mentorship component of our curriculum provides expert advice, support, and inspiration as our students apply their learning in real-world settings. Our mentors are professionals working in the sciences, the arts, health, the environment, economics, journalism, education, government, international relations, and IT.  

Mentors dedicate a few hours each month to help students explore their passions and develop their Unique Student Potential. In addition to gaining valuable networking opportunities and the chance to sharpen communication, collaboration, and instructional skills, mentors say the opportunity to connect with and make a positive impact in the lives of our high school students is immensely rewarding. Through mentorship, our students step confidently into personal growth and higher achievement.

Find Out More & Apply

Contact Founder and Head of School Andrew Kutt.