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Auction Item Wishlist

We are collecting donations for the auction and every good and service makes a difference!

Please consider donating to our auction if you haven't already. From homestays to goodie baskets to gift cards, community donations are a creative and vital part of our auction.

To donate - simply fill out our Online Donation Form. Not sure what to donate? Have questions about the auction? Contact us at

Check out our Auction Wish List below for suggestions! 



Save the Dates: 

Wednesday, May 1:
Auction Donation Deadline

Friday, May 3, 12:00 pm:
Bidding Begins

Saturday, May 11, 9:00 pm:
Bidding Ends

group of children wearing party hats

Connections and Talents

  • Could your family host a pool party?
  • Do you know any interesting people or local celebrities?
  • Could you arrange a personal or behind-the-scenes tour at your place of work?
  • Can you offer a lesson or service?
  • Can you arrange or host a party or gathering at special location?
table spread of charcuterie and cheese

Dining and Shopping

  • Ask your favorite chef,
    restaurant, shopping
    destination or business for a
  • Host a themed dinner party
  • Give cooking lessons or
    deliver homemade meals
  • Donate a basket of your favorite treats!
towel, rocks, lit candle, leaves


  • Spa & Salon Services
  • Training & Fitness Services
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Tutoring, Art & Music Lessons
  • Automotive & Car Care Packages
  • Landscaping & Architecture
  • Cooking & Catering
  • Pet Daycare & Grooming
  • Childcare
gift cards lying on table

Gift Cards and Certificates

  • Ask your favorite restaurant, shop, spa, Auto Detailer, venue, or extracurricular activities for a gift card or certificate.
  • Recycle old unused gift cards & certificates
Beach house and sunset


  • Consider donating a week or weekend at your vacation home
  • B&Bs, Hotels, and Resorts Stays
  • Airline, Train, or Bus Tickets
  • Sail or Boat Cruises
  • Limousine & Car Services
  • Global Connections
group of ceramic vases, cups and plates


  • Technology: Tablets, iPods, Headphones, e-readers, Cameras
  • Art: Paintings, Print, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture
  • Fashion & Jewelry
  • Toys & Books
  • Handmade & One-of-a-Kind items
Line of wine bottles

Wine and Spirits

  • Donate your favorite bottle/case
  • Distillery/Brewery/Winery tasting & tour
  • Bartender for an event

Corporate Sponsorships

  • Support OFS through a corporate sponsorship and receive valuable exposure for your company 
Crowd in music theater


  • Sporting Events or Rounds of Golf
  • Concerts
  • Theaters & Museums
  • Festivals

Thank You!On behalf of all of us at OFS, we thank our community members - families, alumni, faculty, board members, and friends - for your generosity and support!

All of the proceeds from this year's Online Auction helps support the Oneness Fund.