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High School Curriculum

Our Montessori college-prep curriculum balances a structured academic schedule with the ability to be flexible, allowing students to explore the topics that spark their interest and imagination.
Through the student-led, experiential learning that is the cornerstone of our curriculum, students are encouraged to delve deep into learning areas that excite them, build positive relationships with supportive instructors and mentors, meet and collaborate with like-minded peers, and learn to become the drivers of their own learning process.

Students at Oneness-Family High School follow a weekly block schedule and take whatever class is being offered in each department that year at the appropriate level, with freshman and sophomores taking Introductory Level coursework and juniors and seniors taking Advanced Level coursework. Math and World Languages courses are outside of the ABCD year system, as levels are based on each student's individual level of experience.

Two high school students with chemistry assignment looking at laptop

Our students explore new concepts by developing both individual and collaborative group projects tied to curriculum themes and to their areas of interest. They create, research, collaborate, seek the resources they need, and present to an audience – an invaluable process through which deep learning occurs and new skills emerge.

High School student and teacher looking at laptop

Changemaker Leadership Program

Developed by a team of nationally recognized leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, our Changemaker Leadership Program teaches students the skills to understand, discuss, and begin addressing the complex problems of our modern world. The program culminates in a Capstone project where students design and deliver a meaningful service project in the surrounding community.

High school students smiling in front of Gallaudet University

Urban Out

The student-designed Urban Out program allows students to collaborate on an independent day of adventure and learning in the DC area. Urban Out empowers students to sharpen their problem-solving skills and explore practical skills like map-making and photojournalism, learn how to work as part of a team, and master public transportation.


High school student sorting lettuce heads in horticulture farm

Internships & Community Service

Students participate in internships and community service with a wide variety of organizations across the DC-area who partner with our high school to provide enriching real-world experience. These experiences are chosen by the students themselves.

High School students hiking downhill surrounded by trees

Field Studies

Students enrich and expand their learning outside the classroom, taking advantage of the Washington, DC area’s abundant opportunities to visit partner organizations, businesses, nonprofits, centers of arts and scholarship, and government agencies.