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Montessori Learning in Grades 1-3

Global Citizens

Knowledge, understanding, and action are foundations of global citizenship and our life as an international peace academy.

Personal Growth

Students' social-emotional skills are strengthened and their perspectives enhanced during nature studies, museum and outdoor trips, and academic and arts presentations, which also help them develop self-confidence and an appreciation for the lives and talents of others.

Athletics & Fitness

Our fitness and athletic program is centered around the goals of wellness, physical conditioning, and sportsmanship. Activity offerings include weekly yoga, basic team sports, and creative movement.

Academic Assessment

The high quality of learning in the Lower Elementary program is founded on the depth of understanding the teachers have about the holistic development of each student. Academically, students are grouped according to ability level in language and math, regardless of age or grade.

Academic Curriculum

Students are encouraged to pursue a topic of personal interest as it relates to the overall curriculum theme.