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OFHS Leadership Program

Leadership at Oneness-Family High School

The OFHS Leadership Program empowers students with the abilities to understand, discuss, and begin addressing the complex 21st-century problems of our modern world. In this sense, OFHS is a place where students become “changemakers” for their communities, bringing their unique skills and perceptions to bear on today’s most challenging problems. 

OFHS Leadership Program Brochure

We have founded our Leadership Program on the conviction that the future of our planet will be largely directed and determined by the actions and contributions of today’s youth. To right the ecological, economic, political, and social inequities and imbalances we find ourselves in will require leaders in all fields of endeavor to be self-aware, collaborative, transformative, and innovative.

The Leadership Program brings together a wide range of topics to help students grasp and then practice the many components of being an ethical and results-oriented leader. A sampling of the topics are as follows:

Racial Literacy & Social Justice

Designed in partnership with Dr. Cindy Acker and Sarah McArthur LeValley, we begin from a place of fostering self-awareness and compassion within the students before exploring how our actions can contribute to disrupting systemic racism in our world.


Created by mindfulness expert Hugh Byrne, the practices and habits of the OFHS well-being and mindfulness program help to foster a deeper sense of self-awareness and holism within our students so that they can lead a more balanced life on whichever path they choose.

Scientific Literacy

As students are overwhelmed by a barrage of information from the outside world, scientific literacy helps them to separate the fact from fiction, understand how science can be twisted to support unjust causes, and come to their own conclusions about scientific claims made in popular culture.

Wealth Literacy

Based on the principles of economic empowerment and responsible management of a personalized wealth plan, our wealth literacy program, developed by Mozella Perry Ademiluyi and Charlene Day, develops the skills of financial independence in each of our students, allowing them to invest in whatever future they see for themselves.


Through analyzing different models of government around the world, students gain a foundational understanding of how human societies organize themselves, the avenues of power used by people to access influential positions, and where they as young adults fit into the broader picture of their own country as essential and responsible citizens.

Capstone Project

The Leadership Program culminates in a Capstone project for the 11th and 12th-grade students as they design and deliver a meaningful service project in the surrounding community. Throughout the entire year, our upperclassmen students host conversations about injustices and inequalities in their surrounding communities with the entire school, working with a team of teachers and local stakeholders to pursue a tangible result on the outside world.


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