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OFHS takes a holistic approach to education, understanding each student not just academically, but as a "whole person" whose social, emotional, and character development is a necessary part of their life path. Our unique set of programs woven throughout the academic and extracurricular components of OFHS work to achieve these goals, helping students develop every aspect of their being as described in the Oneness-Family School Curriculum Wheel.

The OFHS curriculum is built upon the intrinsic logic of the Montessori method, utilizing a block schedule and a 4-year core academic cycle to guarantee that each student fully develops their understanding, appreciation, and expertise of a broad range of topics. Core classes are multi-age with differentiated coursework, giving our students the opportunity to grow at their own pace while diving into the material that interests them most.

Please click the link below for the Oneness-Family High School program overview.

OFHS Program Overview


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