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Andrew Kutt featured in Washington Parent Magazine

2015 Saturday, August 1

Andrew Kutt, Founder and Head of School was recently interviewed for an article in Washington Parent magazine on Montessori Education.  

(Excerpt below)

"...The structure of Montessori classrooms supports this sense of communal learning. Students learn in multi-age classrooms where older students act as role models and helpers for younger students. The children learn in open spaces that feature tables or floor mats in place of rows of desks, as well as a Montessori-trained teacher, who is meant to act as a guide in students' individual learning processes.

In this way of collaboration and self-exploration, Montessori schools aim to strengthen children's physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities and therefore achieve what the American Montessori Society calls "the development of the whole child."

"It's aim is building human capacity," says Andrew Kutt, founder of Oneness-Family School in Chevy Chase. "It's operating principle is uniqueness rather than uniformity. Whether in principle or in name, Montessori is the way education is evolving.""

You can read the article in its entirety here.


Louise Eriksson

Louise Eriksson '08

Studied... Advanced Art at Konstskolan Idun Lovén & Forsbergs Skola in Stockholm, Sweden

Currently... Freelancing at a Swedish VR company called Gleechi and working on illustrations for a children's book.

At OFS...I learned to believe in myself—that even if something seems impossible at first, if you stay at it, you will eventually succeed.