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2016 United Nations Day Press Release

2016 Tuesday, October 4

2016 United Nations Day FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 4, 2016) — As the United Nations General Assembly wrestles with heightened tensions around the world, Oneness-Family Montessori School in Chevy Chase, MD., will bring together dozens  of diplomats in an expression of unity and common purpose on October 21, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET. 

 At the school’s annual United Nations Day Festival, the largest event of its kind in the D.C. area, ambassadors and officials representing more than 70 nations will come to carry their nation’s flag and support the school’s young  global citizens who will perform songs of hope and exhibit multi-cultural projects – and join the dignitaries for an international luncheon.

 School founder and Head of School Andrew Kutt says, “This day embodies what our future holds as a global community of cooperation and connectedness between nations.   The event is a powerful experience for our students as  we honor our social, cultural and religious differences while bringing us together as one peaceful community."

 Oneness-Family Montessori School — named by Family Magazine in July as the best Montessori school in the Washington, D.C., area — is well positioned to host the event. The school's student body is 58 percent international, and the school's curriculum emphasizes world cultures, global citizenship, and a nationally recognized 10-step non-violent conflict resolution program.

"At a time when our country and our world are facing growing strife among social, racial, and religious lines, this event demonstrates that it is possible to bring people together for a common cause - and reminds us that creating an environment where we can work together on creating solutions is possible, “ said Andrew Kutt (@andrewkutt).  "Students have a natural idealism that changing the world is possible, and they in turn inspire us all to keep striving. “

Cameras will be permitted during the event, and press will have an opportunity to speak with members of the diplomatic corps immediately following the main ceremony.  A space will be made available for camera set-up and interviews. Contact Chris McLeod, OFS Director of Admissions and Marketing, at 862-250-0500 for any logistical or technical needs.

Oneness-Family Montessori School, founded in 1988, is a non-sectarian private school for ages 2 through grade 8. It is located behind the St. John's Episcopal Church at 6701 Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase, MD., on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Bradley Boulevard.  (Entrance is on West Avenue.) 

For logistical assistance, call Chris McLeod at 862-250-0500