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Consciously Walking the Journey of Life With Our Children by Andrew Kutt

2018 Sunday, February 18

The journey of life is about being aware of the essence of who we are – and consciously bringing forth that essence in our daily lives moment by moment.  Like our children, we came to the planet like seeds falling upon the fertile earth. Our mission is to become the true measure of ourselves, and to grow into the fullness of our unique potential.  Each of us has special gifts to share with the world. As we adults encourage our children to connect to their inner world and become more aware of their gifts, we can at the same time continue to cultivate and develop our own.

Maria Montessori’s words about the preparation of the teacher can equally apply to being a parent: “The real preparation for education is the study of one’s self. The training of the teacher is something far more than the learning of ideas.  It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit.”  If we substitute the word parent for the word teacher, this quote is a call to action for all of us adults to the inner work of becoming reflective caregivers and guides.

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