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15 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers - by Andrew Kutt

2016 Friday, October 14

Wood bookshelf A September 2, 2016 article in IB World magazine outlines 15 traits that teachers themselves identified as being the characteristics that drive their success.   In reading through these traits I am struck with how  similar they are to the qualities Maria Montessori sought to inspire in teachers through what she referred to as the “spiritual preparation of the teacher.”

 In order to be truly successful, teachers need to cultivate traits such as curiosity, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, the ability to plan, communication skills and reflection.  They also need to practice self-care,  being a good role model and being accessible to their students.  In the end, teachers should aim “not just to help students reach their potential, but help them to surpass their potential.”

 This underscores what I have observed during my 30 years as a Montessori educator, administrator, teacher trainer and school consultant:  Being a teacher is a path as much as it is a profession;  it requires  constant work on one’s self.  As educators strive to be the best people we can be,  our students learn to do the same.  Ultimately in its highest form,  education is a process of  personal growth for everyone  involved.

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