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Jun 8
Come celebrate our 30th Anniversary on the weekend of June 8, 2019! Buy Your Gala Tickets Here We are pleased to offer the following events: Graduation, School Tours, Happy Hour at Clyde's Community hike along the C&O Canal Gala with program, dancing, dinner & open bar OFS...


Lilac and swallowtail butterfly
Mar 4
We sometimes conceptualize happiness as a place we will arrive – someday.   A place we are headed like a point on a map on summer vacation.   Yet we all know in our heart of hearts that life does not work that way. When I think of what happiness is,  I think of one my earliest...
Washington Family Magazine Best for Families award
Feb 24
Readers of Washington FAMILY magazine have voted Oneness-Family School “Best Montessori School” for two years running, with consecutive awards in 2016 and 2017. Washington, DC -area parents cast more than 15,000 votes in 2016 and more than 16,000 votes in 2017 for local organizations...
Feb 18
The journey of life is about being aware of the essence of who we are – and consciously bringing forth that essence in our daily lives moment by moment.  Like our children, we came to the planet like seeds falling upon the fertile earth. Our mission is to become the true measure of...


May 11
Click here to read the latest news about the Oneness-Family High School of Washington!   
Mar 19
Thomas Friedman’s fantastic new book is called Thank You for Being Late – An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations.   I recommend it as essential reading for educators and parents alike – as we all try to come to grips with the incredible rate of change in our...
Boy cheers in a classroom, arms raised
Mar 8
The discoveries Maria Montessori made over a century ago about the evolving brain of a child have been proven to be true by modern brain science. In Montessori education, students learn by doing. They learn in a hands-on way with educational materials scientifically designed to meet...


Oct 14
 A September 2, 2016 article in IB World magazine outlines 15 traits that teachers themselves identified as being the characteristics that drive their success.   In reading through these traits I am struck with how  similar they are to the qualities Maria Montessori sought to inspire...
Oct 4
 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 4, 2016) — As the United Nations General Assembly wrestles with heightened tensions around the world, Oneness-Family Montessori School in Chevy Chase, MD., will bring together dozens  of diplomats in an expression of unity and common purpose on October...
Mar 21
In a recent article in the Atlantic, and in his book Originals, award winning educator and bestselling author Adam Grant describes how we can raise “ original thinkers”. He says, “Too much structure, order, and discipline can constrain creativity, but so can too little.  In a...